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Art and Music Therapy

Post Graduate Program

Wheelchair Accessibility

The Hospital Education Program provides support for school aged students 2-21, but we also support post-graduate students who have experienced life changing injuries or illness.  The Post Graduate program provides support for students who may have already graduated high school through the age of 22 who have experienced life changing events such as paralysis, traumatic brain injury, muscular dystrophy, or complications from chronic or acute illnesses.  Services may include vocational training, post graduate certification programs, interest inventories, assessments and evaluations, and assistive technology evaluations or trials.    

Focus on Character Education

Charecter Education

The Hospital Education Program provides not only Standards of Learning based content, but also maintains a focus on character education throughout each of our programs!  Teachers infuse character traits into their daily lesson plans to ensure that students not only learn their A-B-Cs, but how to be good citizens and stewards of our planet.  Character education themes are displayed in classrooms and the focus of art and music therapies, as well as daily instruction.   We focus on the positive and seek to educate and inspire students to be themselves, stay positive, and focus on a growth mindset! 

Passive Virtual Reality Program

Virtual Reality

The Hospital Education Program provides students with passive virtual reality experiences for various medical and educational needs.  Many long-term care students in the program have not been able to leave the hospital or participate in the typical activities of their peers.  These activities include riding bikes, going to amusement parks, taking historical trips, etc.  The HEP purchased equipment that allows the program to film virtual reality experiences of these events and play them back for students using special goggles.  These goggles give students a first-person experience and allow them to “feel” like they are actually doing what they are watching.   You can view passive virtual reality experiences created for the program here!

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