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Passive Virtual Reality Experiences

Below is a listing of current Passive Virtual Reality Experiences.  These are video links and will play on any television, computer, tablet, or phone, but were designed to be viewed using VR Goggles. 

The Richmond Hospital Education Program works with students who have significant cognitive and physical limitations within the Children's Hospital of Richmond.  Because these patients have limited abilities to leave the hospital, the passive virtual reality project was born!  We decided to use virtual reality goggles and film experiences with 170-degree cameras and fields of vision, to allow students to virtually travel outside the walls of the hospital.

These videos included horseback riding, biking, visiting parks, monuments, historical sites, museums, and even amusement parks!  Patients are able to wear virtual reality goggles and travel with us anywhere our film crews have gone! 

So that our patients can truly experience these videos as if they were there, the videos have no music or narration, and conversations in the videos were limited to others speaking to the camera.  Each video simply contains the natural sights and sounds of the experience being viewed! 

Below are links to our many travels in hopes you can use them with your patients, children, or students to come along with us on a trip or two. 


What is passive virtual reality?

Bike Rides

Horse Interactions

First Landing State Park

Jamestown Settlement

NOTE: A musket firing can be heard in the background of this video.

NOTE: A musket firing can be heard in the background of this video.

NOTE: A musket firing can be heard in this video.

Richmond Virginia Attractions

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

NOTE: This ride contains flashing/strobe lighting effects. 

Yorktown Victory Center

NOTE: A musket firing can be heard in this video.

Washington D.C.

Public Domain Experiences

Public Domain experiences are public posted GoPro videos.  While these will not contain words or music and provide similar passive virtual reality experiences, they are not hosted or created by the RHEP.  Comments and advertising may be enabled. 

NOTE: 3000-foot ski descent down empty ski resort.

NOTE: A full mini-kart race. 

NOTE: One hour bike ride through Amsterdam. 

NOTE: 30-minute bike commute through downtown New York City.

NOTE: 25 Minute walk in the rain.  (Thunder heard in the background.)

NOTE: One hour walk Santa Monica Beach Sunrise

NOTE: Contains some pop up ads.

NOTE: Contains thunder in background. 

NOTE: Lane splitting (riding between cars) is legal in Japan. 

NOTE: Contains pop up advertisments.

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