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Dive Into A New Type of Passive Virtual Reality

Our Videos


While some virtual reality videos here are exhilarating (riding a roller coaster, horseback riding, etc.), most provide a relaxing and calming experience for the end-user.  With stress levels high, these experiences offer a chance to escape, relax, and experience something new!


Each video is meant to be passive in that the film crew does not speak or engage during the video.  This is so the end-user can truly imagine themselves "in" the video experience and enjoy the natural sounds and sights of the location or activity.  Some individuals may speak to the camera as if speaking to the end-user.


Some virtual reality experiences will provide an opportunity to learn something new!  Videos include trips to National Monuments, State parks, Colonial towns, and ecosystems to view and discuss with students after viewing the experience.


While you can certainly view any of these virtual reality videos on a television, computer, or tablet, they were meant to be viewed and experienced using virtual reality goggles or glasses.  We encourage you to check these out in a quiet and distraction-free environment using VR goggles to get the full experience! 

What do I need to watch these?

Videos are shot for use on standard and high definition televisions, although the field of vision may be limited. For the best overall immersive experience, you will need 2-D/3-D Video Goggles.  For those without built-in headphones, we suggest purchasing full enclosure headphones for the best video/audio experience.  Below are links to some affordable and top-end 2-D/3-D Goggles. 

Vision HMD BigEyes H3  (requires additional full enclosure headphones)

Goovis PC Virtual Headsets (requires additional full enclosure headphones)

Sony HMZ-T1 (a little pricey but all enclosed, one unit, excellent video quality)

Sony HMZ-T2  (Top of the line!)

These are just some ideas for headsets!  There are cellphone-based headsets and these are the most affordable (20-50 dollars) and do an excellent job with 3-D videos, however, some will not show standard videos.  Check compatibility with existing videos to ensure they will work.  The other drawback is a cell phone is used on the back of these headsets to project two video slightly altered images, one to each eye.  

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